Playground is a sports playground built for freeskiers and snowboarders by freeskiers and snowboarders. You will find here two water ramps with three various inruns, Eurotramp trampoline, dry jibs, slackline, Indoboard, skate miniramp (wooden one) and also a few nice places to have famous czech beer and food. Shape of our water ramp has been famous for a long time. In 2012 we built a big kicker for serious training of tricks that need more airtime. You will meet skiers and snowboarders of all levels in Novy Hrozenkov, from total beginners who can hardly ski to guys training for the Olympic games.

We say that people don't come here only to train hard but mainly to have fun while training. We believe in training through skiing and snowboarding and having fun while doing so. We organize our own camps and other parties are also organizing their camps at our playground. We also offer private coaching for those who wish to progress faster. Our location near slovak - czech - polish boarder guarantees an international feel to the whole place. You don't have to be scared of feeling bad here because you speak only english or german. In fact sometimes english is spoken here more that any other language and we also speak german as we live in Laax (Switzerland) during winter.

Eurotramp - Playground BigAir

Getting here

You might think that we are in the middle of nowhere but that is not really true. We are less that 3,5 hours drive from Prague, Vienna, Bratislava or Krakow. Our region is pretty famous for its nature and just to get out of a city and stay here with us is gonna relax you. Now combine it with a great water ramp and unique vibe and you have a perfect mixture of reasons to come visit us. See our exact location.


We run our own cottage in summer. It is a super cosy quite place placed in the nature with a tiny lake next to it. A perfect place to chill after a long day training. Price of accommodation is 10 Euro / night. Accommodation is priced really low so that you can stay longer and hone your skills a bit more. There is Wi-Fi signal at the cottage. There is also a kitchen and showers at your disposal. Many stay here for weeks and months so we are ready for that.


  • 1 Day - €18
  • 10 entries ticket - €155 (can be used by more that 1 person!)
  • Season ticket - €230

*Multiday tickets are valid only on week days. Weekends are always €18/day.

Rent stuff

  • Vest - €3 / day
  • Helmet - €3 / day
  • Skis - €3 / day
  • Snb - €3 / day
  • Boots (ski, snb) - €3 / day
  • Wetsuit - €6 / day
  • Full set without wetsuit - €12 / day


  • 2 hours - €20

Skate miniramp

  • 1 day - €2
  • Season ticket - €40


  • 10 min - €1/person
  • 1 day - €4/person