About us

We are a bunch of young people with a passion for freeskiing and snowboarding. Some of us skied the first Salomon 1080's and had a snowboard strapped to their feet earlier than you probably even heard about such sports - and we still are as excited as we used to be at the beginning of the BigAir.cz era. We built the first water ramp in 2003 at a beautiful lake of Kacak in Novy Hrozenkov - Czech Republic and a lot has changed since. We have been trying to improve our playground for many years and we don't want to change that in future. We truly believe that we are the best, funniest, most chilled out water ramp playground in mid europe - and maybe even further than that.


All the cash that you pay to for jumping is going back to it. We are into filming and shooting our sport a lot. Meeting new people in the summer creates new connections and that is also one of the main reasons why we love to do what we do. Please check our Vimeo channel.